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RSS prompted by DIG uses LG to force the top cop to ignominiously amend his own order
JammuExpress. Dated: 9/23/2020 10:54:41 PM

Jammu Express News
Jammu, Sept 23:
It is for the first time in recent history that an order issued by the PHQ had to be amended unceremoniously giving red faces to a number of top-notch police officials and some high profile politicians as well. It all started with a list of 89 Police officers of the rank of DSP and ASP’s were transferred in a major shakeup by PHQ. Out of these 89 transfers, 10 DSP’s were adjusted and rests were transferred. This order did not go well with some officers who were towing a particular line based on bhagwa agenda.
These officers immediately turned towards a DIG who has very close and influential contacts with the RSS. Using these contacts this particular DIG has been able to manage top postings time and again for himself if not directly then by holding an additional charge for umpteen times and for multitudinous months. The officers lamented that due to their towing agenda of RSS they have been shunted to obscure places instead of being rewarded for their devotion towards the cause of RSS. The DIG who is a staunch supporter of RSS without coming in to picture used his contacts at Nagpur to sound the LG to immediately put on hold the execution of this particular order.
The LG immediately ordered that the order should not be executed and advised the top brass to look into the cases of some particular officers who felt aggrieved due to this order. The top cop immediately sensed that this is going to be a major embarrassment for him. He met a ruling party MP and impressed upon him to let the list go as intended as one of his close relatives was also being adjusted as SDPO in his constituency as recommended by him.
The MP also tried his level best but he was not able to convince the LG to go against the diktats of RSS. Left with no alternative the top cop too played very cleverly he in spite of facing the ignominy of amending his well crafted order where he no doubt was pursuing his own agenda did not succumb to the pressure of the political peers and very subtly brought in to picture some new faces and adjust them at the prime positions for which the DIG had used his high profile connections and the first time played the religion and community card this august police force. The trend is very unfortunate and discerning that for the first time in the history of Jammu & Kashmir police religion and community is being used to garner postings and appointments this trend will not only tarnish the secular image of JKP but will start a trend of revolt and insubordination in the police force.
The altercation of egos and mortification felt by the top brass is a sign that in coming months this is going to aggravate into major showdown which may see reassignment of posts at the top level in near future. Keep an eye on this space for future action-packed high profile tussles.


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