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Beware Jammu: Coliform bacteria widespread in drinking water sources
JammuExpress. Dated: 10/16/2020 10:06:56 AM

Two million population at risk of water borne disease as influx of untreated sewerage continues in rivers

Jammu, September 30:

Nearly two million population in Jammu region are continuously exposed to water borne diseases as Coliform bacteria is commonly found in the samples of drinking water being supplied by Public Health Engineering (PHE) department in Jammu and Kashmir UT.

Presence of bacteria is indication of recent contamination and it crosses the set parameters then water is not suitable for the consumption.

According to sources, Coliform, found in environment and feces of animals and humans indicate recent or continuous faecal contamination of water at source, storage facilities, filtration plants and during distribution revealing the sorry state of affairs and continued neglect of responsibility towards maintaining public health by authorities.

Although bacteria directly do not cause illness but fecal contamination is a serious problem due to potential for contracting diseases from pathogens and also hosting E.Coli. E.Coli, a sub-group fecal coliform causes illness in humans especially children, including diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever and other water borne diseases and is major cause of infant mortality in India.

Recently Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) report has also revealed that water samples lifted from different areas of Jammu and Kashmir had failed six quality parameters such as organoleptic and physical tests, chemical test, toxic substances and bacteriological tests in the first stage.

A senior official in PHE department now Jal Shakti Department revealed, “Coliform is found in water but hazardous bacteria like E.Coli has not been found so far. But nothing can be said as pollution is major problems at sources of water”.

As per the medical journals, there are three groups of coliform bacteria. Each is an indicator of drinking water quality and each has a different level of risk.

Total coliform is a large collection of different kinds of bacteria. Fecal coliform are types of total coliform that exist in feces. E. coli is a subgroup of fecal.

Apart from polluted Tawi river about 250 heavy lift tubewells are directly drawing water from underground sources which is directly supplied to the consumers being supplied piped water. Due to increase in population, underground sources in Jammu are also getting polluted.


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