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#BewakoofNaBanao, twitter hashtags unites youth in Jammu against BJP Govt’s. unfulfilled promises in six years
JammuExpress. Dated: 10/16/2020 10:08:55 AM

Youngsters use social media to raise voice against discrimination, lack of development

Jammu, September 28:

It all started when a young man with ‘guy fawkes mask’ held a placard on fourth bridge on river Tawi in mid-August mocking the BJP led government for continued ban on high speed 4G internet in Jammu and failure to construct artificial lake on Tawi.

Since then #BewakoofNaBanao is trending on social networking site, twitter whenever discrimination with Jammu is being highlighted on social media which continues to face neglect by administration even after abrogation of Article 370 which had kept Jammu under the domination of Kashmiri political parties.

The unique way of protest by a young maskman who become a symbol of ‘rebel’ highlighting the apathy of government towards Jammu united youth across Jammu, Samba and Kathua-three southern districts of J&K where BJP got maximum seats in 2014-Assembly elections and two Parliamentary seats.

From denial of high speed 4G internet since August 5, 2019 to failure in completion of development projects like artificial lake on river Tawi, the #BewakoofNaBanao hashtag has become a trend to target the policies of government especially BJP which is ruling New Delhi for last six years.

“The maskman has become a youth icon and symbol of resistance. People seem to be fed up with the political rhetoric of ruling party and continued neglect of Jammu. Social media is very powerful medium to express rage in these times”, said a senior police officer.

No matter people in Jammu enthusiastically voted in Parliamentary and Assembly elections during 2014 and 2019 but tall promises made by BJP and other political parties like Congress, NC and PDP to transform basic infrastructure has remained only a rhetoric.

Major projects, beautification of historic Mubarak Mandi palace, Artificial lake, Buddhist heritage site, Akhnoor, ancient temple complex at Purmandal, Gharana wetland development have not seen the completion during last ten years, depriving Jammu of lakhs of tourists who visit Mata Vaishno Devi shrine and other pilgrim centres in the state.

Added to this is growing resentment among the youth against the government for its failure to provide employment.

“We had lot of expectations from the present government but it seems that are following the same policies which the previous government had adopted. Slowing down the work on development projects in Jammu”, said local resident.

It is pertinent to mention here that Special Task Force for Jammu constituted in 2010 had recommended that tourism promotion schemes should be completed on fast track basis to generate employment and make Jammu region a tourist hub. The slow process of work is hampering the sector as visitors skip the region during their visit to the state.


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