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60 hours lockdown trying to acclimatize people against Corona
JammuExpress. Dated: 8/23/2020 10:27:00 PM

Jammu News Express
Jammu, Aug 23: Weekend lockdowns in Jammu though have acclimatized people to habitual undertaking of self imposed curfew, an excellent gesture to keep themselves away from corona, yet following of important guidelines are missing among them.
Since the UT government announced 60 hours lockdown from Friday to Monday morning in the wake of Corona pandemic, people too have stated realizing the need of staying indoors to avoid any necessary invitation to the disease.
On the normal days, except wearing masks, no other necessary precautions like social distancing is observed , people however fail to recognize its urgency.
While J&K is witnessing daily spike in COVID cases, people given freedom for movement are defying social distancing norms.
Though less activity is being witnessed in the city and other areas of importance, but many among those on the roads are seen not wearing the masks and not abiding to social distancing.
Shopkeepers who earlier had drawn circles outside their shops for people to obey social distancing while purchasing wares are now seen ignorant about rush on their shop.
Though people are aware about present situation more alarming than earlier as more cases are daily reported in the UT yet they look carefree in social distancing.
“The rising temperature makes it unbearable to wear mask all the time. We have got in our pockets, wherever we feel it to be worn, we try to put it on,” said a passerby at Kachhi Chawni .
It is in place to mention that after relaxation given for opening of shops, people have started taking threat normally notwithstanding fact that J&K is presently under regular spike in cases.


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